Checks may be on the decline, but don't expect them to disappear anytime soon. Knowledgeable individuals with expertise on check processing are very critical to operations departments at financial institutions. These individuals know how to navigate the complexities and avoid unnecessary losses.

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April 2024

April 15 (9:00AM) - 17 (12:00PM), 2024

SFE's 34th Annual Conference & Expo

Perdido Beach Resort, Orange Beach, AL

Check Image Exchange 2 Part On-Demand Session

On-Demand – 3 hours - NCP Credits 3.6

If you work with check image exchange and need a deeper understanding, this course is intended for you. An overview of the Financial Institution’s warranties and responsibilities including returns and adjustments/exception processing will be addressed. If you have a basic background in checks and image exchange, this course will build on that knowledge and take you to the next level.

3.6 NCP Continuing Education Credits


Check Returns & Adjustments (2 Part Series)

On-Demand - NCP Credits 1.2 Each Session

Understanding which rules or agreements apply is an important consideration in knowing what is required to resolve a check return or adjustment entry. Some of the questions you must be able to answer are, Will this be a Return or an Adjustment?, What time frames apply?, Will the item be handled via a private exchange or through the Federal Reserve?, and Are my rights based on Regulation CC, ECCHO rules or Federal Reserve rules? Join us for this informative webcast and find out.


Consumer and Mobile RDC Risk

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.0

Consumer and Mobile Remote Deposit Capture is the fastest growing trend in a rapidly changing industry. If you offer this product now or plan to offer it in the near future, attend this important webcast and learn about the potential risks and how to mitigate them.


Introduction to Checks

On-Demand - NCP Credits 1.2

Join us for this informative webcast as we discuss the basics of topics like Mobile Remote Deposit Capture and Remotely Created Checks. Now more than ever, it is important to understand how a paper item becomes an image and an image becomes an Image Replacement Document. This is a basic overview of checks and is intended for individuals new to check operations, front line staff and individuals wanting to learn more about checks.


Remote Deposit Capture 2 Part Series


Remote Deposit Capture can take many forms: Branch/ATM, business/merchant or consumer/mobile. Whatever the flavor, FFIEC guidance requires you to develop a RDC Risk Management Review. These sessions go over the steps to develop an assessment: planning, risk identification, controls, measurement and monitoring. Next, we'll look at critical issues: vendor due diligence, client suitability, training and security. These 3-part sessions will give you a better understanding of what regulators are looking for.


So You Think You Want To Become An NCP?


Have you thought about becoming a National Check Professional? By attending this session you will understand the value in becoming an NCP. We will show you what the exam consists of and what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not too early to start preparing for the exam which will be given later this spring. Attend this session and kick-start your preparation!

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Understanding Remotely Created Checks

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.0

Remotely Created Checks are often viewed as the "ugly step sister" of the check world, but they still fill an important and vital role in payment processing. To limit your liability associated with these items, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities both as a Paying Bank or the Bank of First Deposit. This webcast will discuss these items in detail and walk you through the transaction from authorization through the adjustment process.


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