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ACH Transaction Posting During Holiday Closings

SFE would like to remind you that closing your financial institution during times the ACH Operators are open for business does not relieve you of the NACHA Operating Rule requirement for making credit funds available and also does not extend your ACH Return timeframe.

SFE's Response to FRB's Potential Action to Support Faster Payments

SFE has provided feedback to the Federal Reserve Bank's RFC on whether the Fed should offer the following capabilities - 24x7x365 real-time interbank settlement of faster payments; other supporting features of an "RTGS settlement system"; and a liquidity management tool that would enable transfers between accounts held at the FRB. We encourage all of our members to submit your feedback. Responses are due Dec. 14, 2018.

Same Day ACH Enhancements Approved

New NACHA rules will expand access to Same Day ACH, increase the per-transaction dollar limit, and speed funds availability for Same Day and Next-Day ACH.