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September 2023

September 12-13, 2023

Government Payments Update

2 Part Virtual Webinar

An Introduction to Emerging Faster Payments

On-Demand - AAP/APRP Credits 1.2

Everyone is talking about faster payments! There are headlines for the RTP® and FedNowSM everywhere you turn in the payments industry. There are discussions as to what is a faster payment, including does Same-Day ACH qualify as a faster payment. Then there is the talk about Crypto, Stablecoin, CBDC, Zelle, Mastercard Send, Venmo and so many more. How do you make sense of it all? In this one-hour session we will dive into these topics and help clarify, what is a faster payment and what are the many ways a faster payment can be offered?


Kevin Olsen, AAP, NCP, APRP, CHPC
The Payments Professor



Federal Government Payments

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.0

This session discusses the processing of Federal Government ACH payments. Understanding the fundamental differences of Federal Government Payments will impact a financial institution’s ACH operations and assist in preventing unnecessary losses. This session will cover important topics such as automated enrollment (ENR), paper and paperless enrollments, notifications of change (NOC), death notification entries (DNE), return items and most importantly, reclamations.



FedNow 2-Part Series

On-Demand - AAP/APRP Credits 2.4

Part 1 – Get to Know FedNow, Now

Ready to learn about the Federal Reserve's FedNow faster, instant, real-time payment channel/ system coming to the U.S.?

FedNow has the potential to forever change how payments process and flow in the U.S., but yet there are so many questions when it comes to FedNow!  What is it, what’s in it for me and more, but just where are the answers?

Join the Payments Professor to answer the questions everyone is asking about FedNow. 

What is FedNow?

Who can and how will they access FedNow?

Why now and when will it be available?

What features and functionality will be included?

What does this mean to other faster payment options?

When will it be available?

Part 2 – FedNow Prepare Now

What can I do now to prepare for FedNow? Start by learning about the different participation types that will be available, what use cases you will want to support, how settlement will work, what the reconciliation process will be like, including the reports available. Then get an understanding of the participant availability requirements and other issues that impact the technical side of offering an always on, always available instant payment system. Then make sure you know the fraud controls and data security requirements. Where can you learn all of this? In this one-hour session with the Payments Professor.


Kevin Olsen, AAP, NCP, APRP, CHPC
The Payments Professor



OFAC Compliance

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.2

OFAC (The Office of Foreign Assets Control) administers and enforces economic sanctions programs primarily against countries and groups of individuals, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. OFAC responsibilities for a financial institution vary depending on whether the transaction is considered domestic or international. This webcast will cover your responsibilities when handling international transactions and address possible liabilities when posting prohibited transactions.


P2P Applications

On-Demand - AAP Credits .60

Person-to-Person (P2P) payments, that allow a person to transfer funds from their account to another individuals account via a mobile device, are quickly gaining acceptance and use. Payment options from FinTech providers like PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Snap Cash and Apple Pay Cash are meeting your accountholder’s payments needs and taking away deposits from your financial institution. In response, Early Warning has developed Zelle; a P2P option that can integrate with your on-line banking application. This session will provide an overview of the most common P2P applications, allowing you to better understand the potential impacts to your organization.


Treasury Day

On-Demand – 4 hours - AAP/APRP Credits 4.5

The U.S Treasury still remains the largest single Originator in the ACH Network today. Payments originated by the federal government – more than one billion entries annually — affect all financial institutions in many ways, including exception processing. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how the Bureau of the Fiscal Service is seeing to reduce costs and increase efficiency within its payments processing structure. This session provides an overview of Reclamations, claims of Non-Receipt, and other payments efficiency efforts. 


Danita Moss, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President – Director of Education and Member Support
Southern Financial Exchange

Patricia A. McMaster
Lead Legal Administrative Specialist
United States Treasury Department


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