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Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Organization - Become an APRP

SFE's APRP Prep Begins April 3 

With fraud an ongoing challenge, new risk management rules on the horizon, and compliance a continual obligation, Accredited Payments Risk Professionals (APRPs) are quickly becoming a requirement for today's financial services organizations. APRPs serve as the go-to experts on risk management for ACH, check, wire, debit, credit and prepaid cards, faster payments, and emerging and alternative payments. They help ensure that organizations' payments processes and procedures keep transactions safe and secure, as well as compliant. Given all the risk management changes that we are or will soon be experiencing, having APRPs on staff will be an indispensable asset to any organization. 

As such, now’s the perfect time to become an APRP or grow the number of APRPs in your organization. SFE's APRP Exam Prep Program, which starts April 3, can help you do that. A 12-course program, it provides you with the risk-related education and publications you’ll need to succeed. And while the Program is great for those interested in taking the APRP exam this year, it is also an excellent program for those aspiring to be an APRP. And for those still on the fence, our free So You Think You Want to Be an APRP video is a great resource as well.

So, don't delay. Register for SFE's APRP Exam Prep Program.

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