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Nacha Announces New Rules to Help Curb Credit-Push Fraud 

Get the Details on Rule Specifics at Digital Directions 2024

On Monday, Nacha announced that it passed a slate of new Nacha Operating Rules that work to reduce the incidence of and help recover funds from credit-push fraud. The new rules establish a base level of ACH payment monitoring on all parties in the ACH Network (except consumers). While the new rules do not shift the liability for ACH payments, for the first time receiving financial institutions (RDFIs) will have a defined role in monitoring the ACH payments they receive.  

This is a significant change for the ACH Network and ACH participants. Understanding how these changes impact your institution and ACH operations is critical to ensure continued compliance and to strengthen the safety and security of ACH payments and the ACH Network.

Attendees of Digital Directions 2024, taking place April 15-17 at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL, will be able to hear firsthand from Nacha on the rule change and what it means for ACH Network participants. During the How You Can Help Nacha and the ACH Network Fight Fraud session, Jordan Bennett, AAP, APRP, Senior Director, Network Risk Management at Nacha, will provide details on the schemes fraudsters are using to attack consumers and businesses and how the new ACH Rules will help mitigate these schemes, reduce successful fraud attempts, and improve the recovery of funds for your customers.

So, make sure you get the latest on the ACH Network changes and what they mean for you. Attend Digital Directions 2024. 

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