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555 - AAP Flashcards

The flashcards provide a hands-on study aid for those planning to sit for the AAP Exam. Highlighting the six areas of focus for the AAP Exam, this is a great self-study tool to help registrants prepare for the exam and earn their accreditation. Timeframes, SEC codes, participant responsibilities and most of the need to know information is covered in this set.

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682 - AAP Test Preparation Package

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The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation distinguishes its bearers as members of an elite corps of payments system professionals.To assist you in preparing for the AAP examination, administered once in the fall each year, the following recommended texts are offered:

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2018 NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines, ACH Compliance Manual, ACH Risk Management Handbook, ACH Product Marketing Handbook for FIs & Companies, Revised UCC-4A and the ACH Network.

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ACH Volume Report

The ACH Volume Report provides your Financial Institution with a monthly summary of ACH activity processed through the Federal Reserve Bank. The report is a good resource for monitoring ACH Origination, Received and Return activity. The summary report also shows savings realized by your financial institution as a result of processing electronic payments rather than paper checks. The purchase price is for a one year subscription (12 Reports).   Southern Financial Exchange (SFE) must be designated as your Financial Institution’s “Regional Payments Association Affiliation” for each ABA number with the Federal Reserve Bank in order for this service to be provided.

Click here ACH Volume Report for sample.

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529 - ACHPro

ACHPro is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH. ACHPro has been developed to promote knowledge of the ACH network. This tool can be used to evaluate your level of expertise of the ACH and related payment systems, and to identify those areas that may require additional development. ACHPro was designed to make learning fun. ACH was completely rebuilt in 2012.


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529 - ACHPro - IPAD

ACHPro is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH. ACHPro has been developed to promote knowledge of the ACH network. This tool can be used to evaluate your level of expertise of the ACH and related payment systems, and to identify those areas that may require additional development. ACHPro was designed to make learning fun. 

2017 Version Anticipated Availability June 2017

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663 - Card Fraud Quick Reference Cards

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652 - Chargeback Quick Reference Cards (Set of 3)

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416 - Corporate Financial EDI User Guide, 2nd Edition

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438 - Debit Card Quick Reference Cards

This series of quick reference cards are a “must-have” for your operations area. The set includes helpful information on Regulation E liability and timeframes, chargebacks, definitions and contacts. Various types of card fraud including skimming, identity theft, telemarketing fraud and phishing are explained. These cards make a great training tool for staff.


471 - Financial EDI for FIs

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472 - IAT Survival Guide: Implementation, Best Practices and Technical

NACHA rules will require every ACH payment entering or exiting the United States to be identified and formatted as an International ACH Transaction (IAT) and EACH transaction must be reviewed for OFAC compliance. All U.S. financial institutions are affected by this rule, even those that do not currently send or receive international ACH payments as any financial institution may potentially receive an IAT transaction. Every financial institution needs to understand how it is impacted by the new NACHA rule. Penalties for non-compliance with OFAC's regulations can be severe.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview - IAT Executive Summary
  2. Why does this apply to your organization
  3. OFAC Obligations
  4. FI Responsibilities
  5. Communications with the Corporate Originator
  6. Best practices
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. IAT scenarios
  9. Technical standards and mapping
  10. IAT and International Payment Standards
  11. Glossary
  12. Resources section

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441 - Introduction to EDI and Financial EDI

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514 - Introduction to the Payment System

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616 - Intrusion Testing Policies

Internet banking provides community banks with new avenues of services, revenues, and risks. Intrusion Testing Policies assure community banks that their Web sites and other access devices safely restrict account access while providing reliable and convenient services to business and consumer customers.

Because unauthorized access can come from both external and internal sources, financial institutions must demonstrate in their policies a clear understanding of risks, the estimated value of possible losses, and the likelihood of occurrence. They also must take responsibility for implementation of appropriate mitigation procedures.

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433 - Operating Rules of the National Association for Check Safekeeping

Rules governing check safekeeping and truncation, including rights and obligations of participants, keepers, paying bank, facility, clearing house; media and format specifications; adjustment and return procedures. For financial institutions and processors.

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468 - Originator's Handbook - PPD Edition

This convenient, quick-reference tool is ideal for assisting with Originator education and training. Filled with all the knowledge necessary for compliant ACH operations in a condensed format more easily referenced and digested by the Originator, each handbook includes an overview of the ACH Network, its participants, and why it is a safe, efficient payment system. The PPD edition also includes: a checklist that Originators may use to increase participation in Direct Deposit rollout; a checklist for beginning Direct Payment operations; sample debit authorization and sample credit authorization; a discussion of what constitutes a PPD authorization; simplified File structure information; and other core concepts.

Available October 2017


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532 - Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling

These spiral bound cards serve as a quick reference guide to ACH returns requirements and codes.  The information is sorted (primarily) by return reason, making the task of determining the correct Return Reason Code much easier.  In addition to the Return Reason Codes, the document contains a Glossary of Return Terms and the requirements for the return of Government and IAT entries, Notifications of Change and ACH time frames and record retention requirements.  12 Cards/Set

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456 - Remote Deposit Capture Service Agreement

A large number of financial institutions have found their RDC customer agreement is lacking important provisions. Purchase this sample RDC service agreement to ensure you have addressed all the critical elements that need to be included in the agreement between a financial institution and its RDC customer. This sample policy was created in Word and should be modified to fit the RDC service offered by the FI.


519 - Third Party Service Provider Agreement

Updated for Same-Day ACH! As Originators use Third-Party Service Providers for their ACH needs, the ODFI needs to ensure that all parties are informed of and accountable for their obligations under the rules, regulations, and laws governing ACH. This product is a comprehensive service agreement between ODFI, Originator, and Third-Party Service Provider in customizable Microsoft Word format.

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531 - Wire Audit Checklist

Conduct an internal review of your wire transfer area, before your examiner does! This new audit checklist was designed to assist your financial institution in identifying potential areas that require stronger internal controls and/or increased focus simply by answering a series of yes/no questions. This valuable tool also includes quick references to applicable rules and regulations covering the wire network. Determine whether the policies, procedures and internal controls regarding wire funds transfers are adequate for your institution.

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