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Check 21 Consumer Statement Stuffers

On October 28, 2004 the Check 21 legislation became law. From then on, consumers who are accustomed to getting their checks back won't . . . and they will have questions. To help you answer those questions, WACHA has developed a statement stuffer that briefly explains Check 21 and what a substitute check is. The check 21 consumer statement stuffer is sold in lots of 250. 3.5" x 8.5"

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Check 21 vs. eCheck Consumer Brochures

For more in-depth consumer education, these new Check 21 vs. e-Check brochures are a must. This brochure explains the difference between Check 21 (and substitute checks) and other eCheck applications (such as ARC) in an easy to understand question and answer format. The brochures are sold in packs of 100.

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CheckPro™ (CD)

Whether studying for the NCPC exam or keeping current with professional development, CheckPro™ is the tool that gets you where you are going. CheckPro™ has been specifically designed to help you master the changing check landscape and related payment systems. Covering 4 essential knowledge areas: Fraud and Risk, Operations, Products and Rules, Laws, and Regulations, CheckPro™ contains all the extra practice and information you need to be a successful Check Professional.

How do I play the game?
Cover all 4 areas or choose your focus. For each area, ten questions will be randomly generated from the pool. Feedback is provided on each question. Correct questions earn you CheckPro™ dollars towards your goal. A full statistical report is available following the Game completion, to assist in your self-assessment.

How do I take the test?
Choose your own test size from 25 to 100 questions. Questions are presented with a virtual tracking sheet to track progress. Score the test and review the answers to determine areas for improvement. CheckPro™ presents a unique experience every time. Flexible and easy to use, CheckPro™ allows you to stop and return at your convenience.

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