July 2019

Wire Transfer (3 Part Webinar Series)

July 16, 2019


August 2019

Wire Transfers

August 20, 2019


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Advanced Wire Topics

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.4

This course builds upon the knowledge acquired in Essentials of Wires and examines payments message structure and decisions that participants need to make when using Fedwire of CHIPS. Comparisons are made between the field tags each system uses, the identifying information necessary for each party and other information identified within the field tags. The 2009 cover payments format changes are discussed, as well as the November 2011 remittance format changes for both Fedwire and CHIPS.


Dodd-Frank 1073 Remittance Transfer Rule

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.0

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued its final rule for international remittance transfers on April 30, 2013. Financial institutions originating 100 consumer initiated remittance transfers or more in a single year (ACH/Wire/Card/etc.) were impacted by this sweeping change. This webcast will help you understand the new CFPB amendment to Regulation E and discuss solutions for complying with this requirement.


Essentials of Wires

On-Demand - AAP Credits 0.7

Wire transfers continue to be an integral payment option for corporations and consumers alike. This webcast examines the main wire systems used in the U.S. Fedwire, CHIPS, and SWIFT. Attendees will gain an understanding of how wire payments are processed, settled, the participants involved, and the rules and regulations governing wires. This is a basic overview of wires and is intended for individuals new to wire operations, front line staff and individuals wanting to learn more about wires.


Wire Transfer Agreements

On-Demand - AAP Credits 1.8

Your Wire Transfer Agreement should be an integral part of your organization's Risk Management Program. Clients are transferring very large amounts of money through your institution and the liabilities and obligations should both be properly documented. In the event of a dispute or claim of an unauthorized transfer, you should be confident that your agreements provide your organization the protection that it needs.