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Where are you on your FedNowSM Service journey?

With the FedNow Service launching in July, your financial institution might be wondering just how it can prepare to implement the service.

It’s important to remember that each financial institution’s path to the FedNow Service will be unique. However, there are key decisions and activities many organizations take along their way.

Six phases of the journey

Here’s an overview of six common phases of the FedNow Service journey:

No matter where you on your journey, there are resources to help and the “6 phases of the FedNow Service journey” quick reference guide is a good place to start.

Already in the later stages of your journey?

If you’re past the first few phases of your journey and are now moving toward the commit phase, there are several key decisions and capabilities you’ll need to finalize to help ensure a smooth onboarding process. Your financial institution will need to answer the following:

In addition to the resources linked above, the FedNow Service Readiness Guide is a comprehensive document that can help you on your road to instant payments.

Learn more

The FedNow Service will be here before you know it — take steps today to make sure your organization is ready for instant payments. For more information about the FedNow Service and how to prepare for it, visit or contact your Federal Reserve relationship manager.

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